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About Us

YAN-International is a diversified corporation in Angola. The core business of YAN-International is construction, both government and private projects. YAN-International develops infrastructure and builds apartments, villas, social community houses, hotels, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, churches and government facilities in key provinces in Angola.


Firmly rooted in Angola, YAN-International has progressively diversified business into other sectors including commerce and industry. Adhering to the highest levels of commitment, YAN-International, consistently delivering outstanding performance for its stakeholders.


YAN-International has gained market recognition as a solid industry player. As a result of its successful development in Angola, it has clearly outperformed its competitors and been recognized as a resilient company. With its far-sighted leadership of senior management members, strong financial standing, highest standard of professional practices as well as its superb and highly professional management, YAN-International is ideally positioned to take full advantage of the multiple opportunities that are offered in a fast changing economic environment in Angola.



To strengthen YAN-International as a leading diversified corporation by:

  • Operating efficiently with care for the environment;

  • Upholding high standards in safety;

  • Applying prudent commercial principles;

  • Striving to exceed customer expectations;

  • Working in partnership with stakeholders;

  • Valuing human resources; and

  • Fostering a culture of innovation.


To be one of the best diversified corporations in Angola and a leader in the construction, commerce and industry related business, contributing to the prosperity of Angola.

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